RealEmotions #9

Dear Juliet,

I love this girl so much, that I can’t even sleep at night without even thinking of her… I get sad easily whenever I don’t see her… She is really that precious to me … I always love her eyes and her smile ….. especially that small dimple of her in her right cheek near her lips…. i like her fun and out going traits… she’s always full of energy … she talks alot and share her fun and wonderful stories to me … her dedication for her family is very heart moving… she help her mother’s business, do the housework … and have time to study … she is the ideal woman for me … and i love her truly… but the thing is … she doesn’t like me like i like her… her friends call me friendzone … coz that’s where I am …. a friend…. it can’t be more than that …. it hurts so much whenever i hear the word friendzone… But I didn’t give up… I was turned down twice… hated once… but still i didn’t give up… the only thing that i can do is to pray and help her in her studies… Juliet .. sometimes i wonder … should i continue this love of mine? … i know that this love will only hurt me… I’m only human i have my own limit … and I’m close to it. but whenever i see her… that feeling … it … it just pops out from my heart. I am truly in love with her.




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